Boulder Bourbon is a limited release that has been aged in Colorado’s whiplash weather for less than four years in select oak casks. We create this Bourbon using only the finest ingredients; white corn, plump two-row barley and spicy rye. This limitied release is blended from the distiller’s pick of only the best barrels.


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Boulder Vodka is a clean, soft, super-smooth vodka with a subtle hint of sweetness that makes it perfect for sipping or mixing. We start with pure Colorado Rocky Mountain water and use only the highest purity alcohol that has been distilled from corn to product a pure, simple honest vodka.


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Boulder Ginskey is likened to a “Botanical Bourbon”, and winner of the prestigious title “World’s Best Cask Gin” at the 2015 World Gin Awards in London. We age our Gin to perfection for a minimum of 2 years in New, #2-char, American Oak Barrels to produce the rich smoky caramel, vanilla, and warm spicy oak flavors.


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Boulder Gin is a New Western Style Gin. It is a shift away from the traditional, juniper heavy Gins, and toward a more artistic and inspired flavor. It’s the careful inclusion of Lavender, Hibiscus, Lemon and Orange Citrus Peel, Sencha Green Tea, Angelica, and Chamomile Blossoms. This is a truly exceptional Handcrafted Gin.


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The Flatiron mountains are distinctive of Boulder, Colorado. Boulder Spirits is brewed, aged, hand bottled, sold and poured at our distillery in Boulder, Colorado. The Flatirons are as much a part of Boulder as is Boulder Spirits. It seemed only natural that our brand represent those beautiful mountains. 


Boulder Spirits is a new line of small-batch, hand-crafted spirits honoring its hometown of Boulder, Colorado. The Boulder Spirits line includes Boulder Bourbon, Boulder Gin, Boulder Ginskey and Boulder Vodka, and is available in liquor stores across Colorado or at our distillery, where you can taste all of our spirits in our own full service bar (sometimes we have live music too!).


The line of spirits is produced starting with the worlds best water, crystal clear Rocky Mountain water, which is used in old-world copper stills commonly utilized in Scotland and feature the finest non-GMO grains, organic ingredients and new-world techniques. The spirits are distilled, aged and bottled in small batches in Boulder, Colorado and hand-crafted to achieve the highest quality spirits available anywhere.

Boulder Spirits is created and refined to perfection and is part of Vapor Distillery line up of handcrafted products. Here is a trivia fact, Vapor Distillery became the first Legal Distillery in Boulder County, Colorado in 2007.


When you walk into Vapor Distillery and try one of our Boulder Spirits, we want you to be impressed. We believe in what we produce, and are proud of what goes into the making of each nique spirit. These spirits are personal to us. This is craft distilling – not mass production. This is true craftsmanship.


The art of craft distilling is not a skill one acquires overnight, and there are no shortcuts to hard earned, hands-on experience.  Our Master Distiller, Ted Palmer has 20 years of experience, knowledge, and skill creating our new and innovative Handcrafted Spirits.


In the end it’s all about what’s inside the bottle that really matters. We've worked very hard over the years to improve our Award Winning Spirits. Boulder Spirits is created and made by an award winning team of Master Distiller and Owner. We are a close-knit group of family and friends that have the passion for the fine art of small batch craft distilling. We now have a better product in Boudler Spirits brands. We are proud of Boulder Spirits and is our sincere hope that you will both enjoy our efforts and stop by and visit us.