Boulder Spirits Hand Sanitizer

Vapor Distillery, home of Boulder Spirits is pleased to make available alcohol antiseptic liquid hand sanitizer. Meticulously crafted with the same care we use in making all of our consumable spirits. Created using the highest quality ingredients, and made according to FDA, CFT and WHO approved formulas.

*Made from high grade, 192 proof Corn Grain Neutral Spirit
* Denatured using the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Formula 40-B
*Liquid solution compounded using WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines
* Our products have been registered with the FDA, NDC label code: 77429-001


100 ml bottle with sprayer
$3.50 ea.


1 liter refill bottle
$15.00 ea.


1 gallon refill bottle


Convenience Pack
4 x 100 ml bottles and 1 gallon refill bottle
$40.00 ea.